Of all the powders that we south Indians are known for, Kandi karam podi is probably the most widely used one. Any Andhra style restaurant you visit will definitely have kandi karam on the table. It goes well with rice and can also be used as an accompaniment for idli and dosa. Made with red gram dal, bengal gram, and green gram as its primary ingredients, Kandi Karam podi is protein rich in addition to being extremely tasty. With an extremely long shelf life, you can order several packets of kandi karam podi from Vellanki Foods in one go and take it with you wherever you go. With shipping to the USA, meal time will become very simple for Indians living there.

Ingredients: Red gram dal, Bengal gram, Green gram, Red chilli powder, Assofoetida( Inguva), Cumin seeds, Salt

Shelf Life:3 Months


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